Small things for Big Communication

Small things for Big Communication

Many people have a problem with communication and its difficult for them to manage it. let’s see how to overcome this:

  • Speak with Mirror: Speak in front of the mirror to gain your confidence. you will get to know how you will look like in front of others. How your gestures will be when you will speak with others.

  • Chose your topic: Take your interesting topic and speak at least for a minute. Interesting topics will bring ideas. You will think more if you are interested. It is easy to speak about the things which we know.

  • Chat with friends: Gather a group and share your views via chat. Chat is the easiest way of communication as it is an informal way of communication.

  • Attend any Seminar: Listen to how the speaker speaks. We generally start learning via imitation. If you have good observation skills. You will understand how to speak in front of the people. 

  • Write new words & use it: Gain new words from listening and reading and use it in your daily communication. write down the words and use it deliberately in the sentences. So that you will remember the words.

What do you think about this? Please comment.

Small things for Big Communication

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