How to buy domain name and hosting from namecheap?

How to buy a domain name and hosting from Namecheap?

I will assist you with the procedure to get a domain name and hosting from Namecheap.

  • Decide well in advance what you are going to name your website/blog. Think it 10 times before you finalize your domain name (for eg. You will not be able to change it once you register it by payment.
  • It is easy and convenient to pay to the same company for hosting (hosting is a place for your domain name to stay).

  • Don’t forget to check online discount coupons for Namecheap on Google.
  • You may face a problem with a debit card so you should have an alternative to pay by International credit card.
  • Once you register you will get welcome email and the helpdesk details.

  • And, also the helpdesk details to contact in case of any concern.

  • After the payment, you will get bank notification and you will be charged in dollars although your currency is ₹. Don’t worry the currency conversion will be for the same ₹ amount.

  • You will receive e-mail for the order summary. The payment which you made for domain registration and hosting services.

  • Along with your hosting confirmation, the new mail will trigger which will have the Welcome guide for…

  • Package information details

  • cPanel details

  • Nameservers details

  • SFTP details

  • and FTP details

  • If you don’t understand everything, don’t worry. Keep these details for future reference.
  • You will have to click on the confirmation link for domain registration e-mail for ICANN as soon as possible.

Hope you have understood the details, Let me have your comments on this.

How to buy domain name and hosting from namecheap?

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  1. I am speechless. Good efforts Ashish. Feeling proud and happy for your success.
    Its helpful when person want to achieve something and he will get support from this information which is relevant.
    Thanks for all information for each topic.

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