Every day is a new day, new experience, new challenge and same with me.

It is a very satisfying experience of helping others. I notice that people have knowledge but they are unable to express it. The barrier of communication.

I had already gone through this phase. When I had completed my graduation and then M.A. in English. I was unable to communicate and due to this reason, I faced many failures in life. We are not supposed to blame our education system as there is another side which I noticed which is population. The population doesn’t allow everyone to have the chance to flourish there skills and inner talent. Who is responsible for this? Let’s not get into a blame game as what we will achieve from this.

I had overcome communication obstacles and barriers. I walked on the path and spend many years on it. How about sharing that information and technique in a simple way so that you could also get benefit out of it.

It was a very humble beginning when I started this institute. The response was less at the beginning and then the opportunity knocked at my smartphone. Through reference, I go the opportunity to work with MNC as a Trainer and I think I made gold out of it. I got fantastic reviews from the employees and the credibility through the reviews is incredible.

I mainly focus on Corporate Training and Group/Batch Training. There are typically 45 sessions per course and batches are from Monday to Friday.

I successfully completed seven corporate batches and conducting many Group/Batch Training.

I believe in One Course, Many Skills! That is the essence of the course. What can you expect from the course? 1st Spoken English, 2nd Personality Development and 3rd Skills require to communicate. Are you ready for this?

You are a Call or WhatsApp away from me.

You can Call or WhatsApp me for a free demo session. You can reach me through my contact number 9975075127 or through WhatsApp number 9923377325.

Wish you a successful communication journey ahead!

Ashish Pradhan

Ashish Pradhan

PMP, M.A. (English)

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