It was my dream to start the website of my own, for that, almost a decade ago I had completed graphic designer course. I decided what I am going to put on the page. I had taken domain name and hosting plan…but, I gave up too early.

Recently, it came to my mind through an advertisement. I completed three days’ workshop on digital marketing and surprisingly all of sudden I took very important decision in my life. I registered the domain as enlig8.com and started with my 1st blog within a span of one day. It’s astonishing feeling for me and my confidence level suddenly increased.

I have a passion of learning and training. I believe that if you can understand thoroughly then of course you are capable enough to explain it to other. I am making this statement with my own experience as I had gone through this experience multiple times.

There are multiple skills in my plate due to multiple interests. I learned technical as well as non-technical skills, this includes Masters in English from Pune University. Through, private institutes, I added Hardware and Networking, Graphics Designing, Web Designing, PMP Certification, German Language, communication courses to my profile with Interest as well as need of the Industry. I took these efforts happily as I enjoy the process of learning.

I have born in Pune so I have strong connection with the educational environment. Although, I try to be social however I like to be in a secluded place. I love peace and tranquillity. That does not mean I hate people. I assign time to do social activity which are worthwhile for the society and me.

Learning … Learning … Learning is not just to add prefixes and suffixes to my name but these I consider as an authority to share the information to gain knowledge. Whenever I share information or knowledge, I gain at least something from others.

I want to fill the huge pot of knowledge drop by drop. I don’t know how many lives this is going to take. Whether, I believe in rebirth or not is not the subject of controversy, however I started enjoying putting my thoughts in words. I know it is impossible to put unknown and unlimited thoughts in this small page. It is just like experiencing watching the clouds moving in the sky from the still water which is laying on the ground after rain.

I am planning to post many posts on enlig8.com and would be happy to see your comments and feedback which will give me energy and enthusiasm to write more and learn more.

Final words on these are that I have recently put my passion into fulltime carrier as an English Language Trainer. Let me have your support on this. Thank you.

Ashish Pradhan     PMP, MA(English)


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