Enlight Spoken English Class:

  • Individual Class (Classroom)
  • Online Individual Class through Skype/Google Hangouts
  • Group/Batch Class (Classroom)
  • Online Group/Batch Class

Why Spoken English Class at Enlight?

You may be wondering that there are many Spoken English Institutes in Pune. What is the need of adding a new Spoken English Class in Pune?

About the Spoken English Class:

The most important thing here is that the focus is not only of spoken English but also, I have added many flavours to this class by using lots of features;

  • Grammar with Practical Usage,
  • Vocabulary Building,
  • Phonetic Training,
  • Audio-Visual and Interactive Training,
  • Body Language Sense,
  • Confidence Building Activities,
  • Group Discussions,
  • Interview Skills,
  • Experienced Trainer,
  • Free Wi-Fi,
  • E-mail writing Etiquette,
  • Role play activities,
  • Dialogue writing,
  • Online Tests,
  • Personal Attention,
  • Maximum 10 Students per Batch,
  • Presentation Skills,
  • Personality Development and
  • Online Training.

You may rarely find all these features in any of the Spoken English Classes in Pune.

Generally, In Maharashtra, students try to translate from Marathi to English or English to Marathi. I think here is the problem unless and until you think in English you will not be able to speak in English properly. English Grammar is also an essential part of spoken English. To Learn Spoken English is one of the challenging part of learning English Language. English Speaking Course is thoughtfully design so the students get optimal benefit out of it.

I am sure Enlight is one of the Best Spoken English Institute in Pune where students get that edge where they can compete well in the industry as far as Spoken English language is concern. You will learn Spoken English in an interesting and useful way.

Classroom Spoken English Class:

Classroom spoken English training is essential for the students who are looking for stage daring or confidence. Through daily practice from Monday to Friday at my Spoken English Institute you can overcome this. I am teaching spoken English to the students who are at least 16 years old.

Online Spoken English Class:

I also take Online English Speaking Classes so the distance is not the constrain for you. Online English Learning Classes for students is not designed to be English Tutorial oriented but it is a two-way process. Spoken English classes online is the demand of some students because of the two factors, first one is distance and the other one is time factor. In this case Spoken English speaking class works through Google Hangouts or through Skype. Here spoken tutorials comes in to picture where online test gives the right idea whether the student is understanding the topic or not. Spoken English Online class help students to get that live support which is required for them to go ahead with their English Language Learning. Take a live demo if you have doubt about speaking English online.

Individual Spoken English Class:

Individual Spoken English Training or Personal Spoken English Training is useful for the students who have specific requirements related to English Language Training or require lots of personal attention which they can’t cope with group batch.

You may find many spoken English Institutes at Karve Nagar for spoken English; however you should consider Enlight because of its rich content and the attention towards students’ progress. There may be best spoken English classes in pune, however this you should consider based on the reviews which I received from my students. As per the reviews, I feel this is the nice spoken English class which they portray to the people. I would like to thank them for these.

Students in Action

At Enlight the focus is always on practical usage of the language. Here are few examples for that.

How to reach at Enlight?

I claim that this is probably one of the best spoken English class in Pune. The class is situated at Karve Nagar behind Cummins college.

When you search for the class don’t forget cummins college karve nagar which is the best landmark to reach here. I believe Spoken English coaching requires passion, patience and persistence and you should get this here.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn English from Enlight and move your carrier in a forward direction.

Would you please contact me via Contact me page? I will be happy to assist you in your English Language Journey.

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